Just a little heads up on your course booking, firstly congratulations on taking the first steps of learning something new!  Beauty is a fantastic career choice, so whether this is your first course or your choosing to add something new to your treatment menu, welcome aboard!  
We cannot wait to meet you on your upcoming training day!



- A model must be arranged by you in order for you to complete your practical part of the course.  We can no longer provide models for your training.  
- Your model must arrive 3 hrs from your course start time for brow definition & 1 hour after your start time for henna brow.
- Your model will be needed for approx. 1-1.5hrs.  Please note that if your model needs to leave early, this will usually unable you to pass the practical part of the course.
- Your model must arrive alone, children are not permitted to attend due to health & safety.
- A skin sensitivity test is MANDATORY prior to this course, if you have the products already you can provide the patch test yourself, please get in touch so we can advise you.  Ensure you take photographic evidence of your patch test.
- If you are travelling to the training venue with your model please note that they can only enter the training venue when needed for practical.  There are shops & cafes near by & they may use the waiting area downstairs dependant on Covid-19 restrictions & use of the salon.
- Ensure your model has never had a reaction to tint/henna tint before.  If you have any questions get in touch.

PLEASE NOTE A patch test is essential prior to this course.  Click below if you would like us to provide the patch test for you. 
Please select - Tint patch test - with Jo - More than 24hrs prior to your course. 
Do not book anyone who has had a previous reaction to tinting/henna.
Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Brow Definition

Start time: 9am / 10:00am
Finish Time: 2:00pm / 3:00pm
Course times may differ,
please see your booking confirmation

Henna Brow

Start time: 10am / 5:30pm
Finish Time: 1:30pm / 8:00pm
Course times may differ,
please see your booking confirmation

Phone: 07736737337
Address: 1st floor Ruby Jo's, 39 Market St, WN2 3AE


- Please ensure you wear a salon tunic or smart/professional clothing.  Avoid jeans & casual wear.
- Avoid open footwear such as flipflops or sandals or heels.
- Please ensure your hair is neatly tied back.
- Ensure your nails are short, neat & manicured. 
- Please ensure you are smartly presented & keep your hands clean & breath fresh throughout training.
- You do not need to bring anything with you.  Pens & manuals are provided for you.
- Avoid bringing unnecessary items.  Please bring only a small handbag.
- Lunch is provided with your training day for brow definition, please advise us of any dietary requirements on the form below.  For henna brows, please select no for this option as we do not provide lunch, due to the course length.
- We do not currently offer kits for this course but will advise you further for product purchase on the day.
- Your remaining balance is due 7 days before your training day.



Our aim is to keep you safe at all times.  Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure we m13inimise the risk of spreading Covid_19 during your course.
- Please do not attend your course if you feel unwell or have suffered from any 
- Your temperature will be taken upon arrival.  You will not be able to attend the course with a high temperature or fever.
- Please ensure you wash &/ sanitise your hands on arrival & continue to do so regularly throughout the day.
- Please ensure that your mask is worn at all times - advise us pf any medical conditions to exempt you from wearing a mask prior to your course.
- Please avoid touching your face, cough/sneeze into your elbow/tissue & avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces.


We are super easy to find, as we are located on the first floor of Ruby Jo's Hair & Beauty Salon in Hindley, Wigan.  There is plenty of free parking around, the two easiest to find are- behind SUMMAT TO ATE Restaurant, across from the salon or behind Georgia Brown's a little further down the street from the salon.  There is also a Tesco close by but please be aware that Asda & parking via Mill St are not free.

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