HEY!  Thanks for popping by & reviewing our VTCT course info, here I want to give you as much information as possible to hopefully help you make a decision on which course is best for you!

The beauty training industry is currently saturated with low quality courses & qualifications that are not worth the paper they are wrote on.. (sorry to burst your bubble), unfortunately it has become easier & easier to offer courses, meaning people who have little experience are now teaching beauty courses.  Not that I blame anyone, hey if you can easily do it, then why not!  But my point is, is that the quality of beauty courses are not getting any better, people are paying peanuts & learning peanuts.. So what is the answer?  VTCT!
If you want a good, quality, recognised course, then VTCT is your answer, packed full of knowledge we have a variety of courses guaranteed to prepare & educate you in your chosen field!

VTCT is not a quick fix option, the courses are packed full of valuable knowledge & study.  We do provide a range of short course options, which are great add on courses if you already work within the beauty industry, you can view them HERE.

VTCT is a specialist awarding & assessment organisation, offering vocational & technical qualifications specialising in the beauty industry.  VTCT are officially recognised by Ofqual, Ofqual are the UK Office reporting directly to the UK Parliament for qualifications and regulation.  VTCT are also recognised in over 100 countries, meaning you can take your qualification with you & it will be recognised.

In a nut shell, VTCT are a highly recognised awarding body, delivering high standards, quality assurance & valid qualification.

IF you are seeking an excellent quality qualification & you are dedicated to providing the time & effort into learning a new skill then ABSOLUTELY! 

This is one of the most popular questions we I get asked & to be perfectly honest there is no right or wrong answer.  For me I strongly believe you enjoy what you are good at, so consider what your strengths & weaknesses are when thinking which path you want to go down.  I have included some further guidance on the different course options below that should be helpful in making your decision.

L1 MakeupL2 Nail Treatments
L2 Shape & Colour browsL2 Nail technology
L2 WaxingL2 Makeup
L2 Lash LiftingL2 Beauty specialist services
L2 Lash & brow shaping & colouringL2 NVQ Diploma Beauty therapy
L2 PedicureL3 Microdermabrasion
L2 ManicureL3 Assessing
L3 Lash Extensions
L2 Gel Polish
L2 Infection Control

Above is a list of our course varieties, is there a particular one you are drawn to?  Here is a little more information on the different categories that the courses fall under.

AWARDS are the shortest or smallest qualifications offered under VTCT, they are great if you want to learn something more specific.  An award will give you a qualification quickly yet not compromise on any knowledge or skill. 
 Our award courses include 1-2 days practical learning, with home study expected to complete assignment work.  We also schedule zoom meetings to help & guide you with study.

CERTIFICATES are the next step up from awards & generally contain a more varied learning experience, often containing a variety of topics or units to learn.  Hence the qualification is taken over a longer period of time.
DIPLOMAS are similar to certificates but general have more information, topics & units, so require a little more study.

AWARDPre-requisiteExamPractical / Home studyAge 
L1 MakeupN/ANoShort assignment14
L2 Shape & Colour browsN/ANo Short assignment16
L2 WaxingN/ANoThree assignments16
L2 Lash LiftingN/AYesThree assignments16
L2 Lash & brow shaping & colouringN/ANoOne assignement16
L2 PedicureN/AYesOne assignment16
L2 ManicureN/AYesOne assignement16
L3 Lash ExtensionsN/AYesOne assignement16
L2 Gel PolishN/ANoOne assignment16
L2 Infection ControlN/AYesNone14
L2 Nail TreatmentsL1/Skills testYesFour assignments16
L2 Nail technologyL1/Skills testYesFour assignments16
L2 MakeupL1/Skills testYesFive assignments16
L2 Beauty specialist servicesL1/Skills testYesSeven assignements16
L2 NVQ Diploma Beauty therapy
L1/Skills testYesTen assignements16
L3 MicrodermabrasionL2/Skills testYesThree assignments16
L3 AssessingFull competence NoThree assignments19

Now that we have covered some basics of what is involved in each course, hopefully this will help you decide which course is right for you.  

We realise that college isn't for everyone, so that is why we endeavour to create a flexible learning experience suitable for you.  During enrolment we will discuss a timescale in which you would like to complete the course & together we will create a realistic learning schedule to suit you & your lifestyle.

This is something we are in the middle of completing, the process to apply for funding from the government is time consuming but we are hoping to have this option set up some time in 2022.  In the mean time, we do have payment options & installation payments available to help you.  We understand that after C-19 things are difficult, so please ask if there is any way we can help to accommodate you.  I would like some help.

If you are happy with the information I have provided you & you would like to go ahead & book, please click the course that you are interested in and choose your class date or enrolment date.  We will take care of the rest & be in touch soon!

Award courses1-2 per month
Certificate/DiplomaEnrolment - 1st Thursday of the month

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