Re-opening Tips April 2021

Re-opening Tips April 2021

Re-Opening is fast approaching, if you haven't already it's time to get ready!


Get organised!

If you are a little overwhelmed with the endless things that need to be done, make a list & prioritise.. We would all love to get everything perfect but if you are a little last minute then it is time to be realistic & get the important stuff done.. and quick!  If you are like me & organised, then great.. Make a list of the final jobs you want to do & leave some time to relax this weekend!


Patch Testing

I have drove myself insane over the past few weeks with this one!  It is super frustrating when you cannot get a straight answer from your insurance, especially when they are the ones we need if, God forbid, anything did go wrong. 

Here is a short snippet from this useful (-ish) link from ABT (click here for the full article)

Always carry out a patch test:
  • Before the provision of the first treatment
  • After a change in a client's medical history. ABT has not received any update from the insurer that would suggest a vaccination would represent a change in a client's medical history (unless of course their GP has advised them of this).  
  • If you have changed any preparations used in lash/brow tinting/perming treatments or changed the manufacturer of your products
  • At a 12 month interval since the last treatment.


So if any of the above apply, it is best to start arranging your client's to be skin tested at your nearest convenience.

In terms of our lash adhesive our manufacturer has confirmed that it is not essential to patch test unless there is any change in medical history.  I would recommend that you also confirm this in writing with a signature to ensure you are covering yourself.



It goes without saying that a thorough clean is a must before re-opening but it is just as important as ever to ensure that you ensure your cross contamination prevention is the best it can be.  Stock up on your cleaning products, barbicide & disposables;

  • Ensure all surfaces are cleaned that have been touched in-between clients,
  • Ensure you use disposable items where ever possible,
  • Sanitise implements in-between every client,
  • Sterilise your implements at the end of the day,
  • Ensure social distancing measures are taken where possible for all staff & clients,
  • Wash your hands regularly & avoid touching your face,
  • Ensure the correct PPE is worn, disposed of & changed regularly.

If you work in a salon, get a cleaning rota going to ensure communal areas are kept clean & tidy at all times.



Ensure you have stocked up already!

  • Ensure clients wear a face covering at all times,
  • Wear a face covering, eye protection & disposable apron,
  • Change your PPE in-between each client.


Stock Check

You still have time to ensure you have everything you need, ensure that you are thoroughly stocked up.  So it is time to go through & double check you order any items you are running low on!  Lash Tech's.. Shop accessories, glue & lashes!


Send reminders

If your clients are likely to forget their appointments, ensure you send them a quick reminder or just mention at the time of booking that you need as much notice as possible for any changes.  Treat this week as Christmas week.. it is going to be a busy one!  The last thing we need is cancellations, no-shows or lateys!

There are lots of temporary traffic lights in local areas, let your clients know to leave a little more time to travel to their appointment.



If you are a little quieter than you would like to be, have you given your clients enough reason to come back to you?  Reach out to clients you haven't heard from & offer them something they cannot refuse!  It might be a little late to think of strategies to get in place for next week but it is never too late to plan for the future.. Here are a few incentives to consider offering to your clients;

  • Loyalty system/points
  • Discount off their returning appointment 
  • Recommend a friend to receive ££ off
  • A small, low costing gift
  • A thankyou card!


Re-book, re-book, re-book

I cannot stress enough the importance of re-booking your client in straight after their appointment.  You're up to 80% more likely to see that client return, so make it a priority to re-book your client in for their follow up appointment.  It is also a great idea to get your clients to book a few appointments in, that way you're client can set the time aside & plan around her beauty schedule!



Another great way to get your diary full is to offer a variety of services.. We are in a very strange time & we don't know which way the beauty trends will go right now, so offering a variety of services will give you more opportunity to get your diary fuller.  We offer a range of short courses, why not add a facial course to your treatment menu, facials are great for self-care & indulgence, which could be exactly what your clients want right now!  Eyebrow treatments are a perfect add on to most beauty treatments, Brow Lamination or Henna Brow are great to add something different!  If you are struggling to get your lash clients back I could not recommend Lash Lifting enough, it is a fantastic alternative & hugely popular in the summer & Christmas!  We also now offer a range of nail courses & our LED nail course is easy to complete & affordable!

If you are happy doing the services you already provide, ensure you feel super confident, get your practice in this weekend, whilst you can!  We have a range of blogs to help you here!  We have also designed some upskill courses in lashes & lash lifting, these are perfect to build confidence & refresh your skills!


Plan to be social

The next few weeks are going to be busy.. plan your content NOW for next week, so all you need to do next week is take plenty pictures of your work for the week after!


Look after You

Last but of course not least.. YOU! Don't overwork yourself too much!  I know we've had the year off so far, but that doesn't mean we have to make up for it.  Here's my top tips for next week to make sure we are looking after our bods!;

  • Plan a big breakfast!  
  • Take snacks that are easy & quick to eat,
  • Stretch!  Think of your back..
  • Avoid alcohol..
  • Wake up early, so you can plan & get organised for the day,
  • Switch off when you go home!

Hope you enjoyed our TOP TIPS for re-opening.. Remember to enjoy yourself & take it easy where you can.. Last but not least GOOD LUCK!!!


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