Opening Checklist

I hope we are all well, ready and super excited to open!  I have created a quick checklist to ensure you have everything ready and in tip top condition, to welcome your clients back!

  • Clean & Revamp!

If you haven’t already, get your marigolds out & clean your socks off!  We have been closed for a month, the last thing you want to do is welcome your clients & everywhere be untidy & unprepared.

Clients also love to see us making an effort, restyle, decorate & give a little TLC to your area.  If you haven’t had time this lockdown, maybe schedule some time during the Christmas closure.

  • Get festive!

Get your Christmas decs up as soon as possible, if you haven’t already.  Some clients have been in lockdown for the past 4 weeks, lets give them something to look forward to.

  • Avoid Covid talk!

Lets be honest we can’t get away from the dreaded C word, wherever you turn it’s there… Why not try to avoid talk of it during your client chat.  Keep your spirits up, clients don’t want to come for a treatment & listen to us moan!

  • Incentives!

December is the best time to prep for January.  Offer your clients some good reasons to return to you next year.  Especially in the current market, clients are uncertain about the near future, discounts or rewards during January will help to keep your clients wanting to come back.  AND don’t forget to book them in for January NOW!

  • Work prep!

Hopefully everyone is stocked up by now.. if not, it’s going to be a busy month so get organised.

For all you lashers:

  1. Do some practice fans before your first client to get you back in the swing of it.
  2. Ensure your glue consistency is ok, especially if it has been sat in a freezing cold salon for the past 4 weeks. (Enjoy 10% off glues this week with code LASHBACK10)
  3. Check your working humidity when returning back to work.
  4. Ensure your glue is suitable for the current humidity.
  5. Ensure your technique is adequate for your working area & glue setting, look at your glue amounts, lash placement technique & timing of placement.
  6. Check retention after a few lashes.


Good Luck everyone

JO xxx

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Special Offer: Combined Level 4 Microneedling, Skin Peeling, and Dermaplaning Course

Special Offer: Combined Level 4 Microneedling, Skin Peeling, and Dermaplaning Course



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