Has C-19 effected the beauty industry?

Has C-19 effected the beauty industry?

Has Corona changed the beauty industry for good?

So we are hopefully now more post-pandemic than we ever has been but what does that mean for us in the beauty game?  Salons & therapists seem to be one extreme to the other; either run off their feet or struggling to make ends meet, so give yourself a pat on the back if you’re one of the busy ones!  If you’re not, have you taken a look at your services you are offering & are they meeting your clients needs?  It may be time to go back to the drawing board & mix up what you offer, if you love to learn, why not learn something new?  We offer a range of short courses or VTCT approved paths that will be sure to get you skilled up! 

Results are in

We recently completed an online poll to find out what are customers are saying post lockdown.  To be honest I was a little taken back by some answers & it was upsetting to read that some businesses are really struggling due to the pandemic.  I am sharing these insights in hope that it will give everyone a gentle reminder that we are all in this together & that if you are suffering financially, you are not alone.  

This survey was taken May-June 2021 - 100% of participants were self employed, 50% working in a beauty salon, 25% a hair & beauty salon, 16.7% from home & 8.3% from a hairdressing salon.

Has the treatments we offer changed?

For some yes!

Here's our answers of popular services prior to the pandemic...

And after...

What about how busy our column was prior to the pandemic?

And after...


Has there been a change in clients re-booking?

How far in advance clients booked has changed slightly...

In Summary..

There has definitely been a huge change in the way that our clients book & prioritise their beauty appointments, so here is to hoping that we are on the right track to a busier diary!  As I mentioned earlier, this survey was for me get an insight into the effects after the pandemic but also to share the results with you, to hopefully encourage you to fight a little harder & stay in the beauty industry!

 As we ease out of restrictions, I am hoping to create another poll some time in the winter, which I am optimistically thinking that we should be back to some form of normality business wise, or at least see a huge improvement.

Our latest polls suggest that clients are seeking a “wellness vibe” so think facials & massage.. After all we have been locked up for a while we deserve a good pamper!  Refresh your facial skills or add a more advanced service to your treatment menu.. who doesn’t love fresh skin?  Check out our facial courses HERE!

If you are in the lash game, we know we have our “cannot live without lashes clients” but lots of clients are now seeking a low maintenance, natural approach.  If you don’t already, why not look at offering a lash tint or lash lift & tint that has become hugely popular!

Calling all brow queens!!  Have you noticed clients love something new?? Ever considered offering brow lamination- which is currently super on trend right now.

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a shout!

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Thanks for reading..

See you soon 

Jo xx

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Mastering Aesthetics: Unlock Your Potential with Our Level 3 Access Course

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