What Career Mindset Are You In?

What Career Mindset Are You In?

HI All,

Better late than never but HAPPY NEW 2022!  January came & went in a flash!

So today for some self-reflection... My favourite thing to do.. well kinda'!

I thought this would be a nice one to start off 2022 as quite often we can fluctuate through different patterns in our careers without being present & thinking WHY?!  Why do we at times feel run off our feet or snowed under with numerous jobs, then at other times feel we have just about everything under control?!

A lot of this is to do with our mindset & what else is going on around us.  Quite often we bypass how we feel about our jobs, as it is what it is.. Our jobs/careers are where we spend the majority of our time.. So why not give our mindset on our careers a little food for thought & use a little self reflection on how we can progress.


There is nothing better to feel content in any parts of our lives!  If you feel CONTENT right now in your career or job, give yourself a huge pat on the back.. You are clearly doing something that makes you super happy & gives you the job satisfaction.  If things change & you don't feel as content, reflect on what has brought you to feel this way & start working on putting things back in control to make you happy again!


When feeling content it is the perfect time to put yourself out there & grow in anyway you can, this will help to keep you feeling happy in your position & give you a goal to work towards, which in turn can reduce the chance of you getting bored.  Think of webinars, work shops or short courses in your area of expertise! 

We offer a full range of short courses & workshops!

For webinar 1-2-1 get in touch here!


Juggling is never easy, whether its running a house, family or business or all of the above, when things get too much you can loose sight on what makes you happy at work.  Take a minute, a deep breath & grab a brew, you deserve it!  It is time to prioritise what YOU need & get rid of what you don't.  Try to introduce some structure & set a few goals to get yourself feeling back in control.  


I wouldn't recommend any form of further training or huge career jumps until you prioritise where you want to be & feel more in control of your work-life balance.  Once you feel like you are off the juggling stage, sit & make some fresh goals of where you see yourself future wise!


Well good for you!  You sound like you have everything under control & you like to do things rationally.  Keep up the good work but don't over do yourself!


If you are thinking of taking a career change within the beauty industry we have some college courses that would suit you!


If you are really unhappy within your career or job, maybe you could start by knowing where you stand financially, to take a career change can sometimes seem overwhelming or daunting, so the first step is doing your sums!

Ask yourself a few questions... Where do I see myself?  What makes me happy?  Do I enjoy working with people?  ETC.. ETC

Take tiny steps to finding out your next step , it makes the weight on your shoulders seem a little lighter!


And remember, no matter how big or small, we are here for you, with any career advice!

Email: info@blushbeautygroup.co.uk

Tel/W.A: 07736737337

Office: 01942254214

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